Nature Room

Nature Room – $105/night

Lions and Tigers and Bears ….Nope Note Here….. Just Birds and chipmunks and Deer

Look out your window or walk the yard and you can easily see where the inspiration came for this room.  It’s not hard to catch a glimpse of rabbit, turkey or deer in the early morning and late evenings amongst all the beautiful flowers.  Put your feet up on the front porch and you are bound to see a variety of birds and butterflies float by. There are some amazing pictures in the room from local artist Thomas Janik which also inspired the theme.  From the watering can clock, to the handmade rough cut headboard to the pinecone bathroom accessories, we tried to bring you back to your roots for awhile.

Jump right into your comfortable Queen Size bed and start drifting off.  For your comfort, this room has your own tub/shower combo along with all the amenities of home including a Smart TV, Free WiFi and Free Netflix.  There is even a salt lamp night light in your room to help find your way in the dark. If you forgot to bring something, no worries… Ask us and we can probably help you out.

During those cool months, your room has its own temperature control for the heat.  Perfect after enjoying fall hikes or some great snow activities.

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